Monday, February 14, 2011

Item of the Week: Fuzzibunz One Size Diapers

Item of the Week: FuzziBunz One Size Diapers 10% off plus free shipping. Buy 4 and get FuzziBunz leggings free while supplies last!

Never before has a cloth diaper been so adjustable as the FuzziBunz® One-Size. Yes, FuzziBunz® One-Size Diapers are the most adjustable and innovative one-size cloth diapers on the market today! They adjust to fit babies from 7-35 pounds, fit snuggly, and come with sturdy snaps and easy-to-replace elastic. Here are some of the many benefits to choosing the award-winning FuzziBunz® One-Size Cloth Diapers:
  • Adjustable: The FuzziBunz® One-Size includes button-adjusted waist and leg casings in addition to snap adjustments. The leg casings adjust to 8+ button settings and the waist adjusts to 4+ button settings.
  • Snug-Fitting:  Superior adjustability means you get a snug fit every time.
  • Snaps: Sturdy snap closures can withstand 3+ years of use unlike Velcro-like alternatives.
  • Replaceable Elastic:  Each diaper comes with a replaceable elastic kit that you can simply slip into the diaper. No seam-ripping or sewing required.
  • Colorful: Make your baby the envy of his or her playgroup with the most deliciously-colored diapers on the block! FuzziBunz® come in 14 scrumptious colors!
  • Dependable:  FuzziBunz® don’t leak when properly cared for, making them one of the most dependable one-size cloth diapers invented!
  • Trusted:  Did you know FuzziBunz® were the first modern diaper? They were founded in 1999 and have been going strong since. You can trust that FuzziBunz® will stand behind its diapers for a long time.

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Drawing will be held February 21, 2011.  One winner will win a Fuzzibunz One Size Diaper and a pair of Fuzzibunz leggings!